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Solid Wood Frames

One of the biggest factors that goes into the durability, and price, of sofas, loveseats, and chairs is the frame. While you're unlikely to ever see this part of the piece when your watching the big game, catching up on your favorite show, or relaxing with a good book, the frame is what supports you and the other elements of the piece. Saugerties Furniture Mart carries furniture made with solid wood.


Softwoods are typically going to be slightly more durable than engineered woods but not as durable as hardwoods. This is because softwood simply isn't as dense and strong as hardwood.


Solid Hardwoods

Solid hardwoods are the best choice of wood for a sofa as the wood itself is stronger and denser than softwood or engineered wood.

Solid Hardwoods

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American Made Furniture

At Saugerties Furniture Mart, we're working to continue the tradition of fine, handcrafted furniture that is made in America so you can shop with ease knowing that the furniture you purchase is superior in terms of quality, a main focus that our customers are concerned with. We know there are plenty of people out there who still value quality craftsmanship and wish to buy bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture that will be something they can proudly hand down to their children and grandchildren.

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