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American Leather

High Quality Custom Furniture from the Factory to Your Home Fast

Blending the use of innovative technology with expert craftsmanship, American Leather has created high quality custom furniture since its inception in 1990. The Dallas, Texas based furniture company is proud to be creating American made products recognized for their durability, as well as their beauty. American leather has developed a delivery standard that gets your customized furniture to you in just three weeks or less, three times faster than the normal wait time for custom orders. With a focus on speed and quality, American Leather uses automated cutting systems that ensure accuracy and consistency, making it possible to manage mass customization.


Furniture Built to Last

Durable frames - Precision cut wood, notched interlocking systems, and industrial strength glue are used to assure a strong frame

Unidirectional webbed suspension - Increases the life of the high quality cushions

High resiliency, high density foam - The combination creates a beautiful continuous design line and buoyant firmness

Cushioning - Perfected recipe of foam or down chosen specifically for the best comfort on each frame


Green Initiatives

Founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council which promotes sustainable practices in the furniture industry

Frames are made of wood harvested from sustainable forests and all scrap wood is recycled

Many styles utilize foam made from BIOH polyols, a soy-based, environmentally-friendly ingredient

Manufactured in Dallas, Texas, the central U.S. location yields a smaller carbon footprint than imported goods


American Ingenuity

Nation's only leather furniture maker to utilize computerized, automated cutting systems in both leather and wood-part fabrication

Leather cutting system uses video cameras and lasers to scan hides, identify flaws, then nest and cut leather parts

Workers grouped into "mini factories" improves communication and awareness, resulting in superior product quality


American Ingenuity

The Dallas factory eliminates the time you'll have to wait for products to be imported

Unique technologies speed up the time from concept to completion and make mass customization possible without losing quality

Renowned award-winning designers create one of a kind furniture